The Stanford Blockchain Collective

We are an interdisciplinary group of students from Stanford's business, law, and engineering schools focused on blockchain technology. We create opportunities for both student-to-student and student-to-industry collaboration.

Our Working Groups

We're grouped into several working groups that focus on different areas of blockchain technology.


Distributed system scalability, developer training, cryptography, UX design.

Social Impact

Identity, international development, transparency, accountability, sociology, philosophy and ethics.

Finance and Economics

Crypto investing, algorithmic trading, cryptoeconomics, psychology, behavioral economics, token sales, growth marketing.

Ways To Work With Us


Find students with similar interests
Get access to industry opportunities
Attend high-­quality meetups and events


Present your story to a Stanford audience
Find high-­quality talent
Commission research


Sign up as an advisor to working groups
Find research and/or course assistants
Keep up-­to-­date on blockchain at Stanford

Get Involved!

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Our Team